Ronaldo and Nadal actually using their skills and doing what they are best at for a new Nike ad! Stick to the day job boys, your modeling freaks me out! Beautifully positioned hand there Cristiano…Peekaboo!

Photos: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott



Street Style

Street style table football. Not just about scoring, it’s about skill, flare and the first to get the ball between the legs of the opponent wins.

“Initially it was made for a Nike exhibition at 90sqm in Amsterdam celebrating the Air Max 90. After the exhibition it was displayed at Artgadgets in Eindhoven for a few months. Unfortunately it was demolished in an accident on the way to a shop location in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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Pass Me A Bucket

For a while now Nike trainers haven’t really been inspiring me and that opinion has only worsened since seeing their recent efforts. When I came across their new Storm Warrior Hi I was gobsmacked to see that across the internet people were actually writing positively about them, words such as “dope” “awesome” cropped up, one saying “this boot withstands the elements without sacrificing your style” !!! Excuse me?! Open your eyes, they are hideous! Maybe I’ve missed something… Currently only available in Japan, oh I’m so gutted, and sorry gents only available for us lucky ladies. Don’t all rush at once!

It got me thinking who might sport these…The only person that I could think of who wouldn’t want to sacrifice her style but still maintain practical would be our old friend Vicky! Another splendid choice of footwear there Vicky.

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Below are some more nasty trainers by Nike, I figured there’s no point mincing my words!

Nike Dunk Boot

Nike Gladiateur Mid with product designer Nancy Wu, the designer who made a Chanel bag out of beef Jerky!

Nike Zoom Bold Sister Mid+

Nike Aeroflight Hi Le



Eat My Words

I previously posted about Puma’s advert for the world cup which I thought was giving Nike a run for their money, ohhh what a fool I was to make such a sweeping statement. While Puma focus around the African nations and their football teams Nike’s advert entitled Write the Future looks at the pressure of how one move could make a player a national hero or loser. The advert was directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, the man behind movies such as Babel, Amores Perros and 21 Grams. Write the Future stars a number or players; Cristiano Ronaldo,  who gets transformed into a hideous big statue and has a movie made about him, the ugliest man in football Franck Ribery destroys Wazza’s future when he defends a pass to Theo Walcott and he ends up living in a caravan. I have to say, I was half expecting to see an over weight Coleen and Cai Rooney hanging about in the caravan scene, but even Nike’s budget wouldn’t stretch THAT far!! Another player who stars although not making the Brazilian squad for the 2010 World Cup is Ronaldinho who becomes an online phenomena for his fancy footwork and having a fan in basketball player Kobe Bryant using it as his celebratory dance. There are also appearances from Didier Drogba, Fabio Cannavaro, Cesc Fabregas, Roger Federer, Homer Simpson and actor Gael Garcia Bernal who plays Cristiano in his movie! I’m sure the budget and production of this advert was as big and shiny as the stars in it. Good effort Nike for poking fun at the Beautiful Game and the players in it!!

A spin-off from the ad

One thing’s for sure I think Drogba and Ronaldo should stick to doing promotional ads for Nike and stay out of the likes of Vanity Fair and Annie Leibovitz and her lenses as far as possible. WARNING!  If you boak easily you may need a bucket when viewing the following image!!



the good, the bad…

Trainers make me very happy so here is a collection of the good, the bad and odd…

The good


Adidas Adicolour H, The first trainer that comes with a set of paints to customise your own sneek.


Adidas 3way Consortium 3rd Drop


Adidas Superskate (consortium) Part of their celebration of  ’60 Years of Soles and Stripes’  collection…. I’m going to have to start counting my coppers for these beauties.


Nike Auto Flight High


Nike Blazer Boneyards (Stussy)



Adidas SLVR collection….. no, no, NO, NOOOO!!! so wrong on SO, SOOO MANY LEVELS!!!


Vuitton High Top X Kanye West… These bad boys were showed off in January for sale this summer and they are hideous. Tassels?! TASSELS?!!!!please Kanye, find something better to do with yourself.


Reebok Pump Omni Light (Mogwai). Gremlin’s insprired trainers… The folk at Reebok thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Gremlins by bringing out a Monster Pack. I think they should of just watched the film instead of investive time and creativity into these furry beasts. Really, who thought it was a good idea?!!!


Jeremy Scott for Adidas (JS Wings). So fly.

….and finally the odd


Adidas X Jeremy Scott ( 3 Tongue). Inicially I thought these were ridiculous but they are actually quite sweet, especially with the bumblebee colours.


Nike Dunk (21 Mercer). Cool effect but I can’t look at these too long.

Lady Lixa