Black and White

From Space To The Sea

What a journey that would be…

credits. Hubble Telescope, Ansel Adams, Julian de Armas, Hengki Koentjoro and here, Joseph Szabo and National Geographic.



Josef Hoflehner and My Annoying Phobia.

I’m scared of planes. When I’m on a plane I am convinced something will go horribly wrong and I am going to plunged to my death helplessly from 35 thousand feet, so I spend much of the flight feeling anxious, this anxiety grows when we are over the sea. It’s not much fun. I have been hypnotised twice, which has taken the edge off my fear and I’m not hysterical any more (!!!), but still something is at the back of my head stressing me out. But what annoys me is that when I’m not on a plane or know I’m not going on one for a while they totally fascinate me. Concorde, Jumbo, Fighter, sea planes, that big ass air bus that frankly shouldn’t stay in the sky but does. See below…

People constantly tell me how safe they are, they say planes don’t just fall out the sky, (this one did), and say how much fun they can be. I just can’t get to that place. Every crash in the news I have to know every detail, where, why, what was the weather like at the time, if it was at day or night. Some might say I’m unhealthily obsessed and this interest probably just feeds my anxiety. I can’t help it though. I’m in awe of their capabilities and engineering when im on the ground but once I book that ticket a sense of dread sets in and I think way too much about my impending time at 35 thousand feet. Maybe it’s my brain telling me that flying is my calling in life, Captain Lixa…! Nahhhhh. A plane spotter more like it! GEEK

So when I saw these photos by Austrian photographer Josef Hoflehner the two conflicting sides of my fear kicked in, the anxious side and the part of me that is completely enthralled by them. Hoflehner’s photographs of low flying airliners might be a little dull to some but I love these wide-angle ,high contrasting, black and white beauties! It’s 2 months and 25 days until my next flight…and relax. To see more go here

If you too have got some annoying fear go see Dawn Flockhart at Brain Train Academy in Hill Street Edinburgh. She was brilliant.