Bea Szenfeld

Swedish based fashion designer Bea Szenfeld’s innovative collection “Sur la Plage” (On the Beach) is a 12 piece collection inspired by mythical folklore of the sea and of the creatures that lure and seduces sailors into the depths of the sea and rivers from such fantasy. Each piece has been arduously created by paper, which seems ironic considering the environment which the collection has taken its inspiration from. Other inspiration that the Polish born designer has drawn from is 1950’s burlesque feminine high-waisted forms, geometry and architectural influences. I’ll begin with my favourite, enjoy the splendor that is “Sur la Plage”…

This piece took an amazing two and a half months to create.

Check out Bea’s other creations here. I’m off to dream of the sea. Night



Made Me Look 3.

The wonderful world of the www.

DIY inspiration

Pretty freckles


Brilliant teeth!


All those sweet, sweet horizontal lines. Johannes Norlander: House Tumle, Sweden

COW TREKKING!! Yes such a thing exists, and it exists HERE!! thanks SwissMiss for making me laugh!

Asamoah Gyan

aaaaahhhhhhh bliss…….

the end.


Sandra Backlund

Tonight my boyfriend and I tried to have an evening without sitting on our laptops all night… It didn’t last long. So while he’s been figuring out HTML (F<*%i>! hell) I have been yearning after Sandra Backlund’s architectural and sculptural looking chunky knit designs… TOTALLY amazing.