Wish Lists

Christopher Kane Resort 2012

Inspired by looking at “prisms and reflective fabrics” Cristopher Kane’s 2012 Resort line full of colour, structure, shine, texture and fun is making me feel all warm inside. Enjoy!

Fore the rest of the collection go here



Ohh to spend a night in one of these cosy looking Whitepods

…and then to wake up and do a bit of this…

Sweet dreams.x


Whitepods Via The Desighner Pad

Photo via Transworld Snowboarding

I heart Björk.

According to NME’s website (and numerous others) Björk is currently half way through a new album and planning a winter tour….! eeeek!! Every time she plays I try to get tickets and have no luck or she’s playing in far off lands, so this time round will be my time! (I hope).

apparently one track is inspired after the experiences she had at a conference held by National Geographic Magazine, I’d imagine that track will be pretty epic (note. Epic is not a word I use lightly, or ever use for that matter!)

“I saw 100 talks and met eccentric people who had been in Africa for four years with lions and insects,” she said. “Then one night after drinking whiskey with them I began to hear stories. This is one of the collaborations I can talk about.” Björk for Icelandic newspaper Fréttablaðið

I can’t wait and I’m already crossing everything in my body in the hope I’ll get myself a golden Björk ticket!


Centogrammi Nordkapp Ultralight

**** UPDATE! They now have a 30% sale on, oooh sooo tempted!****

One of these cosy goose down jackets would be perfect right now….

More cosy jacket info go here and for the store to buy these cosy jackets go here!!


Is it a Lens? No! It’s a Mug!

For all you camera geeks out there this mug has to be the best way to drink a wee tea on a cold day. The mug looks just like a 24-105mm lens and is complete with a lens cap lid, rubber grip focus and zoom rings and an auto focus switch!! Maybe they’ll make some shot glasses out of a fixed 50mm lens. Anyway get your mug HERE for $24.00, that a whole £14.83 very well spent I think.


Buster <3

These Giclee prints from Zippora Lux, photographer and graphic design student at Central Saint Martins, make me very very happy indeed! Some Hubble star-gazing and feline loveliness in one, perfect in my eyes!Boya Latumahina’ s website is definitely worth a visit and you can buy these prints at her Etsy page, I’m hoping one day she might print these galactic mogs on some Tee’s…For now we’ll start with my favourite 2 shall we! (Hint, hint to any loved ones who don’t know what to get me for a gift, December is looming! Heeeeee! Doesn’t the pink one remind you of Buster! RIP Fat Boy!)

**UPDATE** Go HERE (Threadless) and vote to have the pink cat printed on a tee, woop! Hopefully the other cats from the series will follow soon.x