Weather Bomb!

Weather Bomb?! Pah, the UK’s media hyped “Weather Bomb” made me want to buy a waterproof jacket and wellies and the grey sky left me depressed rather than excited. What a disappointment. However, after watching this incredible time-lapse I was looking up flights to America to becoming a storm chaser just like Helen Hunt!! Sit back and enjoy 7 minutes of epic Stormscapes beautifully pieced together by Nicolas Wegner… I’m sure Helen would be impressed.


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EXIT Festival 2011

Just back from the 4 day festival of Exit, held in the Petrovaradin Fortress of Novi Sad, Serbia…

Sorry Seth, I had to show the world you’re wonderful dancing!

“The EXIT festival came into being in the year 2000 as an act of rebellion against the regime of Slobodan Milosevic, that had for years been keeping Serbia out of touch with the outside world. That summer thousands of young people from Novi Sad gathered in the campus park by the Danube River where concerts, parties and art performances took place.  There were also discussions and debates where the young were able to express their opposition to the imposed nationalism, xenophobia, censorship and repression. The event lasted for 100 days and its grand finale was the ‘Get out to Vote’ party, which was held one day before the elections that saw the downfall of Milosevic.”

For more go here

We are meant to read EXIT!

aahhhhh, weep.

The Dance stage positioned in the moat of the fortress.

I think from now on I’ll be a fair weather festival goer, to my delight there wasn’t a drop of mud in sight!!

Image Via the BBC

Check out their website,  Exit.

Thankyou to all you lovely people that made it such a hoot, I’m looking forward to doing it all over again soon.xx


From Space To The Sea

What a journey that would be…

credits. Hubble Telescope, Ansel Adams, Julian de Armas, Hengki Koentjoro and here, Joseph Szabo and National Geographic.


National Geographic’s Ultimate Adventure List

National Geographic compiled a list of the top 20 adventures on the planet. Here’s a few of them…

Dive the Blue Holes, Photograph by Wes Skiles, National Geographic

Descend Into an Active Volcano, Photograph by Bradley Ambrose

Climb, Swim, or Surf the Poles, Photograph by Yassine Ouhilal

Cross the Sahara Desert, Photograph by Joerg Modrow, laif/Redux

Megatransect the Amazon, Photograph by Peter McBride

Wingsuit Fly off the Eiger , Photograph by Corey Rich, Aurora

Swim with Great Whites – South Africa Photograph by Jeb Corliss

Ski K2, Photograph by Dave Watson

Free Climb Yosemite’s El Capitan, Photography by Jimmy Chin

For the rest of the list and info (definitely worth a read) on each adventure click here.



Arcade Fire, The Wilderness Downtown

Arcade Fire’s  interactive video The Wilderness Downtown by Chris Milk is amazin’! The video, used in Google Chrome, is a combination of animation, video and google earth/ street view all shown in multiple windows in your screen. You write in where you grew up and then a personalised video of that area is generated. Half way through the song We Used To Wait a screen pops up asking you to draw or write a message on a postcard to the younger you that lived there. It makes a pretty sweet watch, (I am a bit of a geek for maps)  if anything it’s a new way of looking at music videos which is always a good thing… Go do yours HERE!!

Below are some screen shots from my journey, the bottom image is my postcard…