Time Lapse

Weather Bomb!

Weather Bomb?! Pah, the UK’s media hyped “Weather Bomb” made me want to buy a waterproof jacket and wellies and the grey sky left me depressed rather than excited. What a disappointment. However, after watching this incredible time-lapse I was looking up flights to America to becoming a storm chaser just like Helen Hunt!! Sit back and enjoy 7 minutes of epic Stormscapes beautifully pieced together by Nicolas Wegner… I’m sure Helen would be impressed.


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Walls Are Dancing

This summer, we invited mural painter Matt W. Moore to create a series of live painting performances on walls in MARSEILLE, LYON, and PARIS. Directors Le Groupuscule captured the evolution of each mural, gathering over 700,000 pictures, that were edited as a stop-motion animation to an unreleased track by Monsieur Monsieur : “Walls Are Dancing”, to create this music video.

Check out MWM


Safari London

I have been meaning to blog about short film Safari London by Rick Symonds and Roddy Macintyre for a while now. The film was shot for the 2009 International Bicycle Festival and was shown world-wide as part of the Urban Shorts program. Safari London is a time-lapse film showing the journey across the city from the cyclists perspective complete with a puncture change too!! Approximately 3500 stills were used from a Nikon D300 which was fixed to the bike with a home-made rig. The film was produced, shot and edited by Rick and Roddy and music from Operator.

Sit back and enjoy!

Here’s hoping the duo work together again at some point!