Venice Fly Through


Birth of a spraycan : Montana

Montana spray paint.

Via Street Giant


FRAMED-Andi Wittmann Rider profile

Beautifully shot mountain biking video, FRAMED, featuring German freerider Andi Wittmann. By Felix Urbauer (check out his other work) and backing track by Welcome Home by Radical Face. I always like to see extreme sports videos being shot in creative and inspiring ways and this one ticks all the boxes for me. Enjoy.

music: song radical face-welcome home
filmed with red one,sony ex1,canon mark2D5
edited with adobe premiere cs5 and after effects.


Locals Only

Below is a selection of photo’s from Hugh Holland’s Locals Only exhibition at M+B in Los Angeles. The images were taken in the mid-seventies and captures the beginning of skating before extreme sports and mass corporate sponsorship. Holland captured kids skating in pools and drainage bowls which were emptied due to a drought which allowed them to ride boards in a whole new way. The images were captured round Venice, Orange County and Brentwood’s Kenter Canyon Elementary School. Enjoy bare feet, long hair, sun-kissed skin, the innocence and the knee pads!

For the rest of Locals Only click here and more info about this work here and buy the book HERE!


What’s a better ad for Scotland?!!!

Watch every minute of this video. It’s worth every second (the second one). This should be an advert for Scotland over that Sean Connery Home Coming drivel…

Advert one…

Or this…Danny MacAskill “Way Back Home”

It’s a no brainer really. What a legend.