Men and Sneaks!

Pass Me A Bucket

For a while now Nike trainers haven’t really been inspiring me and that opinion has only worsened since seeing their recent efforts. When I came across their new Storm Warrior Hi I was gobsmacked to see that across the internet people were actually writing positively about them, words such as “dope” “awesome” cropped up, one saying “this boot withstands the elements without sacrificing your style” !!! Excuse me?! Open your eyes, they are hideous! Maybe I’ve missed something… Currently only available in Japan, oh I’m so gutted, and sorry gents only available for us lucky ladies. Don’t all rush at once!

It got me thinking who might sport these…The only person that I could think of who wouldn’t want to sacrifice her style but still maintain practical would be our old friend Vicky! Another splendid choice of footwear there Vicky.

For more of Vicky’s wonderful sporting attire click here

Below are some more nasty trainers by Nike, I figured there’s no point mincing my words!

Nike Dunk Boot

Nike Gladiateur Mid with product designer Nancy Wu, the designer who made a Chanel bag out of beef Jerky!

Nike Zoom Bold Sister Mid+

Nike Aeroflight Hi Le



Eat your heart out Nike iD

To celebrate the launch of the delicious Nike Air Royalty Macaron, French boutique Colette hosted an event called Cooklette where guests were invited to customise their very own Nike Macaron with loads of wee macaroons!! Sweet. (Pictures via high snobiety)


WK Interact “Never Sleeps”

Just back from a wonderful trip in the snowy Italian Alps, so easing myself back into normality..booooo. Here’s a film by French street artist WK Interact bringing NBA player for the Miami Heat Dwyane Wade to life on the streets of Manhattan. Enjoy.

(via Highsnobiety)



Pharrell William’s turned up in Cannes for the 2010 NRJ Music Awards wearing a pair of Nike Snowboarding x Arbito Zoom Force 1 Boots. In my opinion the word bozo springs to mind, maybe he should hang out with vicky (see Chanel Post). Make your own mind up about his choice of shoe for the occasion…

sweet advert



Today my driving instructor suggested it was time to book my driving test, woop (years of procrastinating about sitting my test and now I’m almost there, best get shopping!) Ok, so I’m not having a quarter-life-crisis, simply looking at potential wheels that I could aspire to owning one day after the day when I win the Euro Millions…Well it’s fun to dream, so here’s a wee wish list.


Dodge Charger 1969


Ford Capri Classic


…Lamborghini Reventon. Yes I know, totally ridiculous but IT IS A WISH LIST!! Only 20 of these were made back in 2008 and went for a very cool One Million Euros each. In 2010 the Lamborghini Reventón Roadster will be available to 10 lucky people who are willing to part with 1.2 Million Euros. Check out the advert below to see whats we’ll all be missing out on.

Bet you wish you were one of the chosen ones?!

Dubbed the “Sharpie Car” this Lamborghini Gallardo was hand painted by Miami artist Jona Cerwinske.

Follow link for more info

lambo3051e4ba36a404638720030fc1fd508b679sharpie car


Mazda Nagare Concept 2006


Fiat 500


Ferrari 1970



Porsche 911 1970


Shelby Mustang 1967


The Batmobile 1955 Lincoln Futura Concept Car , heeee heee, I couldn’t resist!

You know what, seeing as global warming is going to melt the ice caps and we are all going to be flooded I may as well splash out on a motor boat to get about in too…


XSR Superboat



Ahhhh, one day. Right, I’m off to buy a lottery ticket.