Weather Bomb!

Weather Bomb?! Pah, the UK’s media hyped “Weather Bomb” made me want to buy a waterproof jacket and wellies and the grey sky left me depressed rather than excited. What a disappointment. However, after watching this incredible time-lapse I was looking up flights to America to becoming a storm chaser just like Helen Hunt!! Sit back and enjoy 7 minutes of epic Stormscapes beautifully pieced together by Nicolas Wegner… I’m sure Helen would be impressed.


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5 months. Gulp.

In 5 months I shall hopefully be graduating from a photography degree, yay! But like so many panic is setting in and I dreading the inevitable, what now? Gulp. My tutor reminded me of this video of Alan Watts last week. The first time I saw it I found it hugely inspiring and that seems to still resonate in me. Although I have a feeling that I have perhaps chosen a career path to self-destructive financial woes, which does fill me with dread,  I ultimately hope to be happy and I am excited about my creative future. A geography teacher I had at school once asked me what I wanted to do when I left school. I replied saying that  I’d like to go to Art College and study photography. With no sarcasm in her tone she replied to my answer with, “ohh, that’s an easy option isn’t it”… That conversation has stuck with me, partly because of her sheer ignorance and partly because I detested the woman. So take a moment to watch this inspiring video and remember if all else fails we could all become geography teachers, I hear that’s an easy job option 😉


Image – Doris Day

Music: Ludovico Einaudi – Divenire

Lixa x




From Space To The Sea

What a journey that would be…

credits. Hubble Telescope, Ansel Adams, Julian de Armas, Hengki Koentjoro and here, Joseph Szabo and National Geographic.


National Geographic’s Ultimate Adventure List

National Geographic compiled a list of the top 20 adventures on the planet. Here’s a few of them…

Dive the Blue Holes, Photograph by Wes Skiles, National Geographic

Descend Into an Active Volcano, Photograph by Bradley Ambrose

Climb, Swim, or Surf the Poles, Photograph by Yassine Ouhilal

Cross the Sahara Desert, Photograph by Joerg Modrow, laif/Redux

Megatransect the Amazon, Photograph by Peter McBride

Wingsuit Fly off the Eiger , Photograph by Corey Rich, Aurora

Swim with Great Whites – South Africa Photograph by Jeb Corliss

Ski K2, Photograph by Dave Watson

Free Climb Yosemite’s El Capitan, Photography by Jimmy Chin

For the rest of the list and info (definitely worth a read) on each adventure click here.




Sod Coca Cola’s “holidays are coming” advert it’s officially Christmas now that this classic Irn-Bru advert has appeared on the box.

I never grow tired of it.


National Geographic’s Photography Contest 2010

Below is a selection of images from this years National Geographic’s Photography Contest which closes at the end of the month. The images below are taken from the three categories of People, Places and Nature. I don’t think my words would do these images any justice, so happy viewing…

For captions and more images go here or browse the full galleries here


What’s a better ad for Scotland?!!!

Watch every minute of this video. It’s worth every second (the second one). This should be an advert for Scotland over that Sean Connery Home Coming drivel…

Advert one…

Or this…Danny MacAskill “Way Back Home”

It’s a no brainer really. What a legend.


Arcade Fire, The Wilderness Downtown

Arcade Fire’s  interactive video The Wilderness Downtown by Chris Milk is amazin’! The video, used in Google Chrome, is a combination of animation, video and google earth/ street view all shown in multiple windows in your screen. You write in where you grew up and then a personalised video of that area is generated. Half way through the song We Used To Wait a screen pops up asking you to draw or write a message on a postcard to the younger you that lived there. It makes a pretty sweet watch, (I am a bit of a geek for maps)  if anything it’s a new way of looking at music videos which is always a good thing… Go do yours HERE!!

Below are some screen shots from my journey, the bottom image is my postcard…




Last Walk Around Mirror Lake – Boom Bip (Boards of Canada Remix)

This makes my tummy go funny, especially at 2 mins 40, even after the 5th time of watching it. Put it on full screen for full funny tummy effect! Enjoy the flight.

Via Ed Shek at dtail


Sony Soundville Iceland

In March Sony created Sony Soundville in Seyðisfjörður, a village in the Eastfjords region of Iceland where they filled the village with truck loads of speakers and then played music by 12 artists, to 800 pairs of ears, for 3 days and nights to see what happened to the locals and how they reacted to the various music and sounds…(“day 2 in Sony Soundville..” slightly Big Brother on Sony’s part maybe). Apart from probably winding up some of the older folk it does actually look really fun and seems like it was a very successful experiment for Sony (cough, marketing ploy)and everyone taking part. Unlike the mundane Big Brother it’s actually interesting how the locals reacted to music from the likes of Richard Fearless, Múm, Elegi, The Guillemots and Bob Dylan seeing how moods changed from each individual aswell as the changing atmosphere of the usually quite village. For me it seems fitting that Sony chose Iceland for this experiment as so many stunning ambient and alternative sounds have been produced by Icelandic artists such as Sigur Rós, Björk, The Sugarcubes, Múm and Emilíana Torrini.
Take a look at the Sony Soundville advert below, my favorites are the two twin like men waddling in time like penguins.

Click here for the official website, there is a video about the making of it which is worth a view.