Month: June 2011

Christopher Kane Resort 2012

Inspired by looking at “prisms and reflective fabrics” Cristopher Kane’s 2012 Resort line full of colour, structure, shine, texture and fun is making me feel all warm inside. Enjoy!

Fore the rest of the collection go here


Come Fly with Me.x

ohhhhh, I’m looking forward to summer…only 10 days of it in Serbia and Croatia, but ohhhh it will be so much sweeter than scottish sun! I enjoyed the planes over Edinburgh in the last 24 hours though. If only Concorde would have been there too…..ahhhh.


100,000!!! wooooo!!!

Wooooo I’ve just reached the 100, 000 hits mark in my blog stats!! Thankyou to everyone who what has ever checked out the blog, is a regular to my blog, has ever commented or just passed by it. Please continue to check it out, I’ve really enjoyed the past few years of blogging and hopefully I’ll reach the 200, 000 mark soon! Ha! Anyways, for now, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!! Yaay!!!



Nanna Van Blaaderen, More or Less

The sculptural handknitted collection ‘More or Less’ is inspired by organic forms, animal life and nature. Using thick woolen yarns in off-white colors, Nanna van Blaaderen experimented in combining knitting techniques with braidingtechniques. This resulted in various expressive garments of voluminous structures and forms. (Via Nanna Van Blaaderen’s website)

Check out her other beautiful collection Species. A Tribute here