Month: February 2011

From Space To The Sea

What a journey that would be…

credits. Hubble Telescope, Ansel Adams, Julian de Armas, Hengki Koentjoro and here, Joseph Szabo and National Geographic.


Skateboarding Around Town

Zack McTee skateboarding around New York using a DSLR mounted on a Jag35 Full Shoulder Kit.



Love Rodarte for Opening Ceremony collection

and most of all

Papa in 1944

Via Ffffound, Twisted Lamb, The Sartorialist, TomBoy Style, Opening Ceremony and ones I lost the credits for. If you know any of the credits please let me know.


The Art of Flight

Oaft! This is going to be amazing…

Boarders Travis Rice, John Jackson,  Scotty Lago and Mark Landvik, among others, travelled to Alaska, Aspen,Chile, Patagonia, Jackson Hole, British Columbia and more to create The Art of Flight. This film looks like more than your average boarding movie, it’s in a whole new league of its own and I can’t wait until it’s release in September! Goose pimples!


National Geographic’s Ultimate Adventure List

National Geographic compiled a list of the top 20 adventures on the planet. Here’s a few of them…

Dive the Blue Holes, Photograph by Wes Skiles, National Geographic

Descend Into an Active Volcano, Photograph by Bradley Ambrose

Climb, Swim, or Surf the Poles, Photograph by Yassine Ouhilal

Cross the Sahara Desert, Photograph by Joerg Modrow, laif/Redux

Megatransect the Amazon, Photograph by Peter McBride

Wingsuit Fly off the Eiger , Photograph by Corey Rich, Aurora

Swim with Great Whites – South Africa Photograph by Jeb Corliss

Ski K2, Photograph by Dave Watson

Free Climb Yosemite’s El Capitan, Photography by Jimmy Chin

For the rest of the list and info (definitely worth a read) on each adventure click here.




Ohh to spend a night in one of these cosy looking Whitepods

…and then to wake up and do a bit of this…

Sweet dreams.x


Whitepods Via The Desighner Pad

Photo via Transworld Snowboarding

I heart Björk.

According to NME’s website (and numerous others) Björk is currently half way through a new album and planning a winter tour….! eeeek!! Every time she plays I try to get tickets and have no luck or she’s playing in far off lands, so this time round will be my time! (I hope).

apparently one track is inspired after the experiences she had at a conference held by National Geographic Magazine, I’d imagine that track will be pretty epic (note. Epic is not a word I use lightly, or ever use for that matter!)

“I saw 100 talks and met eccentric people who had been in Africa for four years with lions and insects,” she said. “Then one night after drinking whiskey with them I began to hear stories. This is one of the collaborations I can talk about.” Björk for Icelandic newspaper Fréttablaðið

I can’t wait and I’m already crossing everything in my body in the hope I’ll get myself a golden Björk ticket!