Centogrammi Nordkapp Ultralight

**** UPDATE! They now have a 30% sale on, oooh sooo tempted!****

One of these cosy goose down jackets would be perfect right now….

More cosy jacket info go here and for the store to buy these cosy jackets go here!!




  1. Nice jackets Lix. Noticed the fixed gear bike being sported by a dude wearing a down jacket. He will roast like a goose if he wears that cycling, even in minus temps!

  2. Thought i might get a wee comment from you! Yes, he will certainly bake, also the footwear doesn’t seem very sensible! Thanks for the comment Rod

  3. Hi Lixa, thanks for writing about our product. As you liked it, we thought you might be interested in our sales (30% off all jackets, on our online store).
    And I have to admit I really LOLled when I read Rod’s comment! 🙂 But I assure “no bikers were harmed during the making of this photo shoot” ;D

  4. Very kind of you to comment. You have lovely jackets but unfortunately I just came back from holiday and have no cash! The models are just as nice as the jackets and glad to know they survived the photo shoot!! Thanks for visiting and hopefully I’ll be buying one next winter, love the wee bags they come in! Thanks again.x

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