Ludovico Einaudi

Last week I went to see a solo concert by Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi at The Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh. It was beautiful, the soppy side of me came out near the end but ultimately it was the most relaxing 2 hours and quite hypnotic at times. Ahhh, I’d love to go again and see him with a full orchestra or even just a few strings. Einaudi’s work has been played LOADS on the tv recently due to his work being used for the sound track of Shane Meadows This is England ’86.

Since then all I can think about is learning to play the Piano. I played the trumpet at school and to my dad’s dismay I managed to leave the damn thing on the bus, so I’m figuring there will be no responsibility to cart a piano around, what could possibly go wrong!

For now, I have posted some pieces by Einaudi, I’ll start with one of my favorites and my old alarm ring, it’s a nice thing to wake up to.

One amazing musician down and 4 to go,(Gustavo Santaolalla, Hans Zimmer, Philip Glass and Yann Tiersen)


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  1. You HAVE to tell me next time you hear of him playing! I had no idea he played in the UK and am frankly gutted I missed this! 🙂

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