Month: November 2010

The Triangle

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Locals Only

Below is a selection of photo’s from Hugh Holland’s Locals Only exhibition at M+B in Los Angeles. The images were taken in the mid-seventies and captures the beginning of skating before extreme sports and mass corporate sponsorship. Holland captured kids skating in pools and drainage bowls which were emptied due to a drought which allowed them to ride boards in a whole new way. The images were captured round Venice, Orange County and Brentwood’s Kenter Canyon Elementary School. Enjoy bare feet, long hair, sun-kissed skin, the innocence and the knee pads!

For the rest of Locals Only click here and more info about this work here and buy the book HERE!



Well my wish from the last post came true. So like most people in Scotland all that’s been on my mind for the last few days has been snow. Lots and lots of snow! I’m exhausted with excitement, so thought it seemed fitting that I post a tune that makes me equally happy. Enjoy

Hudson Mohawke


National Geographic’s Photography Contest 2010

Below is a selection of images from this years National Geographic’s Photography Contest which closes at the end of the month. The images below are taken from the three categories of People, Places and Nature. I don’t think my words would do these images any justice, so happy viewing…

For captions and more images go here or browse the full galleries here