Buster <3

These Giclee prints from Zippora Lux, photographer and graphic design student at Central Saint Martins, make me very very happy indeed! Some Hubble star-gazing and feline loveliness in one, perfect in my eyes!Boya Latumahina’ s website is definitely worth a visit and you can buy these prints at her Etsy page, I’m hoping one day she might print these galactic mogs on some Tee’s…For now we’ll start with my favourite 2 shall we! (Hint, hint to any loved ones who don’t know what to get me for a gift, December is looming! Heeeeee! Doesn’t the pink one remind you of Buster! RIP Fat Boy!)

**UPDATE** Go HERE (Threadless) and vote to have the pink cat printed on a tee, woop! Hopefully the other cats from the series will follow soon.x






  1. lix didnt you just say on your facebook how upset you were about christmas stuff in shops. that means you cant talk about december presents yet!!!!

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