Month: September 2010

Pierre Debusschereplus – blind-strobe

If you aren’t good with strobes don’t watch this, or just close your eyes slightly!

by Pierre Debusscher


Clown GIFs

Slightly scary but highly amusing! Love the plaits.

Photography by Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader and Styling by Nikki Igol

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Last Walk Around Mirror Lake – Boom Bip (Boards of Canada Remix)

This makes my tummy go funny, especially at 2 mins 40, even after the 5th time of watching it. Put it on full screen for full funny tummy effect! Enjoy the flight.

Via Ed Shek at dtail


Sam Weber, Lord of The Flies

William Golding’s Lord of The Flies, illustrated by Brooklyn based Sam Weber. A classic story with contemporary illustration. Illustrations done with the darkness and vulnerability that the story deserves and not to mention they are so  beautifully satisfying. Shame the copy I had at school (below) wasn’t quite so bold. Although defaced I still think it’s a sweet cover, I don’t think I’d go defacing Sam Weber’s edition though.


Walls Are Dancing

This summer, we invited mural painter Matt W. Moore to create a series of live painting performances on walls in MARSEILLE, LYON, and PARIS. Directors Le Groupuscule captured the evolution of each mural, gathering over 700,000 pictures, that were edited as a stop-motion animation to an unreleased track by Monsieur Monsieur : “Walls Are Dancing”, to create this music video.

Check out MWM



Grab your 3D glasses you got on your trip to see Avatar and watch the beautiful Kate Moss in this 3D film for AnOther Magazine with Baillie Walsh. Bjork looks like she’s been lucky enough to wear a piece from Bea Szenfeld’s collection “Sur la Plage” that I posted about earlier in the week. Ohh I look forward to getting my mitts on this months issue.

Watch the film HERE

My post about Bea Szenfeld here