Digital Jones

A week today will see the debut album launch of CLICK CLACK by Edinburgh based band Digital Jones. Head along to The Bongo Club on the 29th of July to celebrate with Digital Jones and have a cheeky school night stomp. Below is their press release and the artwork used for CLICK CLACK by Glaswegian artist and Edinburgh College of Art graduate Greer Pester. Check out the rest of the album artwork at her blog. Until then have a wee listen to some of their tunes here and on myspace.

Digital Jones are a band with massive soul, and their debut album C L I C K  C L A C K strains to contain it. Corrupted and crude yet compelling and melodic, this innovative album contains 9 tracks of synthy, glitchy, convulsive funk that makes it utterly unique in today’s over-saturated pop market.

Combining live sound and inspired samples, C L I C K   C L A C K ’s gritty tunes reference life and experience with a canny knowing wink. Live bass grooves are perverted with filthy, flatulent synth whilst fast-driving eighties beats are distilled with fierce live drums.  Key melodies from an original Rhodes piano and rich, rumbling, soulful vocals from front woman Nikki Kent give the tracks an ethereal quality. Prince-esque horns and some bewitching harmonies make for a real heavy sound.

“Conjuring the boogie demons they preach a rhythm that leaves one helpless; the slithery grooves of the female vocal make the sermon gospel. It all reminds you of when funk was that dirty nasty sound from outer space”
The Skinny

Edinburgh-based ensemble Digital Jones have a signature sound which has already gained them a substantial following on the Scottish scene, and
C L I C K     C L A C K is the fruit of Digital Jones founding members Philip Mcbride and Nikki Kent’s labour of love. A mutual affection for P funk, Disco and Electro threw multi instrumentalist Mcbride and Nikki Kent together a number of years ago, and they have been blasting down the barriers of musical cliche ever since. Kent’s raw vocals and lyrical abilities evoke a fearless cry that both threatens and invites. Combine this with Mcbride’s song based computer synth funk, the talents of local horns player Chuck Dearness and the virtuoso skills of keys player Andy Jeffcoat and Digital Jones have firmly taken hold of the local music scene. Born to play out, Digital Jones entertain a crowd of devotees at regular spots such as The Bongo Club, The Voodoo Rooms and The Roxy Art House. High-profile shows have included Kelburn Garden Party, Fontana’s Cover Up at the exclusive Ginglik and most recently supporting soul legend Marlena Shaw.

Digital Jones will be launching
C L I C K  C L A C K at the Bongo Club on the 29th July from 9pm in The Bongo club Edinburgh with support from DJs Oktavists and Astroboy.

See you there!



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