Made me Look No. 2


The Original Hipster by Julia Chesky and art director Ali Lee for more go here

Via The Sartorialist


Come fly with me…

Brilliant!! Via FFFFOUND

heeee heeeee heeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Melissa Tammerijn by Kacper Kasprzyk in YSL | Muse Summer 2010 for more go here

I heart Tank Girl

…and Twin Peaks…

…..and old cars…more here

Ohhh heeee heeeee, couldn’t resist!!

Finally the Jeffrey Campbell Lita are available, unfortunately only in sizes 8, 10 and 11, boooo.

Velorbis Leikier….it’s a very, very special bike… Swoon. If I had a spare $2,995.00 I’d be buying one of these, only to have it chored 2 days later.

Beautifully detailed Maps more here

Princess Mononoke Kodama




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