Month: April 2010

Skeletal Dsquared2 Fall 2010 Shoes

Stunning spinal heels with a McQueen inspired twist, by Canadian brothers Dsquared2 Fall 2010…. Drool…




If anyone watched BBC2’s The Delicious Miss Dahl will have no doubt been driven into rage by the number of times the word Melancholy was used. Yes it was the title of tonight’s episode, but really, it was a little excessive to say the least. For those of you who didn’t watch it here’s the link so that you too can get into the same pain that I was in, I know I could have changed the channel but I did get quite hooked at when she would say melancholy next. The blurb below is a synopsis of the episode for those of you who can’t watch the episode.

The Delicious Miss Dahl, Melancholy

It’s a melancholic day and there’s no getting away from it. The only option is to feed this melodramatic emotion with dishes that could cheer up Eeyore. Starting with bubble and squeak cakes served with red onion gravy and a languid fried egg, the joyous indulgence begins.

Next, Sophie locks herself away in the shed at the end of the garden and, while reading hopeless poetry, she treats herself to the perfect chocolate sauce poured over ice cream. But her soul craves the curative power of chicken soup and this brings her back to the kitchen for her own luxurious version and a soothing cardamom rice pudding with spiced plums.

After this indulgent menu, it’s time to get outside and engage with the world again. Sophie recommends food shopping for the liveliest colours and flavours that can be found, after which she returns to create a spicy tom kha soup, which awakens the senses and inspires her to open the curtains and let the sunshine back in.

Watch her waffle here


Yann Legendre

*UPDATE, get Yann Legendre’s prints here

Beautiful work from French graphic designer Yann Legendre. These are a few of my favorites from his selected work on the website, take a look at (unfortunately his store doesn’t seem to be working for posters and books, if I find anywhere that stocks them I’ll update you).


The Face 10th Birthday Issue

Hello there, yes it’s been a while. I have been ill and couldn’t find anything that inspired me. So yesterday as I drank out of my funny tash mug (below), (which any tea or coffee lover should invest in right now. By them here for Peter Ibruegger) i managed to find some perfect blogging material.

and on the other side

So yeh, I was drinking my tea and reading some old editions of The Face magazine which I have inherited from my dear dad and had to share some of my findings. The following images are scanned from the 10th Birthday issue June 1990, hopefully you can read the text in the clippings, it’s work the eye strain!

Above left to right, Converse Rear Entry (hee hee). Yeh, that’s right Bono was just as much of a bozo then as he is now.

Andrea Oliver shaking her thang! Neneh Cherry in all her loveliness!! Here’s some more

…441 episodes later it’s still streaming on to our screens.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s design sketches and some insight into that amazing corset.

Lady Gaga who? Madge at her best (below) and far cry from those mingin’ valour trackies she seems to enjoy wearing so much(above)!!

Below. Stunning Naomi Campbell doing what she does best, no, not thumping her many minions! Check out her “legal issues” list on Wikipedia, it’s staggering and highly amusing!

Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell for Italian Vogue 1989, photographed by Steven Meisel

Linda Evangelista, Italian Vogue 1989, photographed by Steven Meisel


Weird to see so many cigarette advertising campaigns throughout the magazine.

Later this week I will post some images from the July 1990 issue including “The Third Summer of Love”, the iconic first shoot of an innocent looking Kate Moss aged 15 shot by Corinne Day and also an article about something called a CD walkman!!