Month: February 2010

WK Interact “Never Sleeps”

Just back from a wonderful trip in the snowy Italian Alps, so easing myself back into normality..booooo. Here’s a film by French street artist WK Interact bringing NBA player for the Miami Heat Dwyane Wade to life on the streets of Manhattan. Enjoy.

(via Highsnobiety)


Love vs. Fitba

Whats a man to do when he is torn between his two loves on Valentine’s day? Puma thinks he must turn to Savage Garden for some inspiration. If you haven’t sent your lady a card or more romantically a text because you have been down the pub watching Fitba, why not email her this, before it’s too late, (you have just under half an hour).

Also, my wee blog is 1 year old today!! Thankyou to all of you who have followed, commenting or just passing by the blog. I have really enjoyed doing it and aim to up the number of posts in the coming year.

Lady Lixa.xx

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

I want to pay homage to the beautiful work of StudioAKA, who have produced the new BBC Sport – 2010 Winter Olympics Animation in Vancouver. If you haven’t seen it or noticed it, shame on you (or you just have a life and don’t watch TV or live abroad) Watch the ad below and enjoy.

Directed by Marc Craste and Designed by John Klassen

Here’s a reminder of how good the BBC advert for the 2008 Beijing Olympics was.

Good job Beeb!


Casa Camper Dos Palillos

Spanish shoe company Camper have recently branched into the hospitality sector with stunning results. Their two Casa Camper Hotels based in central Berlin and Barcelona create an” innovative concept which combines a high degree of functionality with friendly aesthetics”. Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec designed the interior for the Dos Palillos Berlin restaurant to create a space which reflects the culinary experience of chef Albert Raurich, former chef of elBulli. The room number curtains are amazing!!

Naturally, the kitchen had to be the centre of the space and thus, it had to be wide open so that guests could see the preparation of the dishes from the beginning to the end. We have decided to articulate the environment around one long wooden table and the stainless steel kitchen, one module facing the other. Consequently, the guests find themselves at the centre of the kitchen, while the chef acts in front of them”.

It was important for us as well to set a dialogue between the 10 cooks and their nearly 30 guests, invited in the chef’s kitchen. In order to emphasize such an interaction and encourage eye contact, we worked on different ground levels so that the guests are able to have a global experience once seated at the table, as if they were attending an artistic performance”.

“Throughout the project, our intention was to reduce our level of intervention to the utmost to let the scenery express itself. Indeed, the space is voluntarily raw with very few elements and materials to sustain the idea that the legitimate sense of the space comes from the relation between the guests and the cuisine.”

This simplistic, casual and personal style of dining ticks all the boxes for me and I’m sure the accommodation would to, take a look here.