Chanel Sport

This spring Chanel are bringing out a range of surf boards for all those celebrities to rip some waves in style. Like the Chanel ski’s I can’t really imagine anyone but the Beckhams or supermodels actually buying these, to help them attempted some gnarly extreme sports!! Here is a collection of other sports wear that Chanel have made to make the lives of the rich and famous that little bit more chic. Cough, Naff.

…Ummm, I was sure there was a beach in central Paris….keep walking love!

Ohh yes, the Chanel rubber dingy, what better vessle to watch F1 in Monaco than this…WHY bother Chanel?!!!

Ahhhh, thats why!! So that you can use your Chanel Angling Kit of course ( follow the link for a rant about this ridiculous Kit written by an equally bemused blogger) . But don’t forget to remove your 6″ heels as you may tear the dingy, I would recommend these bad boys…


What’s more manly than seeing a guy playing basketball with, yes you got it, a Chanel basket ball or American football.

…ohh dear. I just don’t see them catching on… Stick to the perfumes and the clothing.

Finally, Victoria Beckham’s Area of  expertise. Look how she demonstrates the skill and poise required in skiing, not to mention the excellent choice of clothing.

Bend ze Kneez Vicky!

She forgot to put her ski boots on, either that or she’s walking back from the hire company which I highly doubt…

For more go to Chanel’s full selection of sportswear.




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