Month: September 2009

I’ll meet you in the middle


Photo… Lixa at Lake Lousie

Normally at this time of year I start to feel depressed that yet again a long, wet and windy winter is approaching us and I will not be going off to the mountains to have a season of snow, mountains, boarding and liver disease. So I will have to do a snow dance now in the hope the wee hills in Scotland get a decent dusting and I can look forward to a few days of button tow inner thigh agony, a scraped up board and 2 minutes of boarding from top to bottom, while dodging the mud and rocks… sounds great doesn’t it! Heee heee.

So when I came across freeboarding I was very intrigued…

Freeboarding is sold as Snowboarding all year long, any hill, any time, no lift ticket, no lift lines, no off season. Ohh but the snow, the goggle marks, the powder, the air… It’s not the same.

compromise Lixa! Yes, we can’t always live at the bottom of a mountain and if this is the deal then why not give it a shot. The freebord’s outside wheels act like the edge of a snowboard and the middle wheel looks like it takes your central balance from going heel to toe. Stopping is apparently exactly the same as you would do on snow and the Freebord combines both carving and sliding. Well Edinburgh is full of hills so why not give it a shot? Although it’s a possible alternative to the mountains it will never have the same kind of freedom as the mountains. All you folk planning your seasons now, enjoy not having to compromise anything.

Freeborders do tetris

For more about freebord click here and to view all the boards here


Heal Fashion Lab

Hervé and Alice (Paris-based dynamic duo behind the label Heal Fashion Lab) have come up with this beautifully tailored and detailed collection. The lobster dress made me chuckle, I hope you also enjoy them.



…ahhhhhhh, the joy they bring me!!

Click here for more…


“Jewellery takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.” Sonja Henie

I have always loved chunky jewellery and lately there has been an abundance of it on the catwalks, shops and online, so here are a few of my favorites as well as a few delicate pieces.


Clockwise from top left: Marni AW09, Jason Wu AW09, Donna Karan AW09, Elie Saab AW09, Lanvin AW09, Christian Lacroix AW09

Nina Bukvic



Dominic Jones’s seriously amazing AW09 collection. The 2 thorn knuckleduster would look simply divine on my hand! I think Dominic should accessories the ladies in the next installment of the Twilight series or Alice Dellal, Lizzy Jagger, Eliza Cummings and Emma Chitty should just take their place, they’d make incredible vampires. His collection was photographed by Matt Irwin.


Jahyun Rita Baek


Nina Bukvic saw her jewellery exhibited at the Dazzle during the Edinburgh Festival the earring were stunning, I don’t think they would ever leave my ears if I had the privilege of owning a pair.

Louis Vuitton


Both available at DANNIJO


Antonella Giomarelli another favorite who I saw at Dazzle 2 years ago


Unfortunately I saved this to my computer a few years ago without taking note of who it’s by.

Ohhh, it’s all one big long wish list! I’d better watch Derren Brown’s show tonight to see if he lets on how to predict the lottery numbers.


Oink Oink


Sorry I haven’t posted in ages!! Last week I got flu and unfortunatly it’s still with me, it’s such a drag and I haven’t left the house since wednesday…help. I thought it would be fun (yes it’s soooo boring) to check the symptoms of swine flu and which I have had all of, oink oink. Didn’t think I would bother with Tamiflu as a friend who had swine flu said that it can have ‘an increased risk of self injury and confusion’ which was a bit off putting, so whether it’s seasonal flu or swine flu I’m just going to have to sit and rest…very dull indeed. I will get back on the blogging as soon as I am inspired by something other than my bedroom walls.

Oink Oink