Nate Williams

I have been pretty slack at posting this week, so I promise to step it up a bit!

A few years ago my dad bought me some prints by Nate Williams, which are beautiful! Nate lives and works in Buenos Aires and his illustrations have been exhibited, published or reviewed in USA, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Philippines to name but a few. His success has had is artwork in magazines, newspapers, textiles, fashion, homewear, publishing, posters and music. Check out some of his prints below.





The pink character reminds me of Ren and Stimpy for some reason…

If you like his work check out his site, it’s full of vibrant, quirky and highly animated designs and illustrations. He also has an alter-ego called Alexander Blue where he mainly focuses on childrens clothing and illustrations. He’s also done a brilliant kids snowboard I highly recommend buying one of his prints, you will never tire of it.

Lady Lixa


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