Month: April 2009

Nate Williams

I have been pretty slack at posting this week, so I promise to step it up a bit!

A few years ago my dad bought me some prints by Nate Williams, which are beautiful! Nate lives and works in Buenos Aires and his illustrations have been exhibited, published or reviewed in USA, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Philippines to name but a few. His success has had is artwork in magazines, newspapers, textiles, fashion, homewear, publishing, posters and music. Check out some of his prints below.





The pink character reminds me of Ren and Stimpy for some reason…

If you like his work check out his site, it’s full of vibrant, quirky and highly animated designs and illustrations. He also has an alter-ego called Alexander Blue where he mainly focuses on childrens clothing and illustrations. He’s also done a brilliant kids snowboard I highly recommend buying one of his prints, you will never tire of it.

Lady Lixa


Google Typography

This is sweet! Rhett Dashwood is a creative director in Melbourne Australia, who searched through Google Maps looking for land formations and buildings that resembled letters. What an amazing result!


(via Swissmiss)

Lady Lixa


I received an email the other day from a guy I went to primary school with called Joe Richardson, with a link to his website that has animations and drawings (including some funny wee monster dolls). Its a quirky site with very amusing content,  slightly sick and twisted sometimes but definitely worth a look. In some of the animation he uses collages either of pictures or painted images which are scanned in and animated using flash, I’m not going to pretend I know what I am talking about when it comes to flash so have a look for yourselves.  I found ‘Lollies’ particularly entertaining.



Lady Lixa

Home Made.

Away from my day-to-day job I make jewellery, dolls, bags and other accessories. I was recently given a box full of feathers from my aunt, which had belonged to my grandfather who used to be a keen fly fisher. So I decided to make some hair pieces with them. Here are a few modeled by the lovely Safiya, Thankyou lady!


head band and cuffs


Look how happy you could be wearing feathers in your hair!


Feather hair slide and cuffs


Name and charm necklaces


Here is another one of my Monster dolls with a zippy mouth.

I will post new photos when I make more items and if anyone is interested in buying anything let me know or if anyone wants to go to a fancy dress party as a bird I’m your lady.

Lady Lixa

Nouvelle Nouvelle

On my trip to Vancouver in Febuary I stumbled across a really sweet shop Nouvelle Nouvelle in Gas Town, by far my favorite district in Vancouver. The shop had a good mix of clothing, accessories and art work each laid out in an understated way. The atmosphere was casual, relaxed and creative and the woman behind the desk was browsing her computer with a lovable dog by her side. The bulldog, Lily, was very sweet wearing a funny wee knitted jumper, and in regards to my earlier post about dog clothing, Lily looked so very comfy in her trendy knit!

lily sunshine

(if anything go check out the bulldog Lily!!)

American labels Dolce Vita, Quail, Yokoo, Vancouver designer Genevieve Graham and Swedish clothing group Perminant Vacation are all labels that the store carries. I loved finding new labels that aren’t in the shops over here and particularly liked Quail and Yokoo, the latter based in Atlanta has an Etsy page displaying her cool chunky knit designs.


Yokoo, sweet chunky scarf


Cute Permanent Vacation dress (for any of you Twilight fans out there, i reckon the model could totally be a Vampire!Victoria’s little sister maybe! Bit me, RAAHHH)

Q is for Quail


Quail, I tried on the blue dress, it was gourgeous…….ahhhh


Vancouver based Genevieve Graham


From the creative director behind Insight clothing Natalie Wood has created Something Else. (Sweet tattoos)

So if you are going to Vancouver get over to Gas Town pronto… I ended up visiting this shop a couple of times on my visit and will definetly be back. Recently I recieved a lovely necklace from my brother in the post which he bought at Nouvelle Nouvelle, what a nice surprise, so thankyou again for it! Their blog based website always a pleasure to browse so have a peek, also, I was assured by the owner that they ship overseas. Yipee!

So pleased I found this wee gem of a shop!

Lady Lixa