They Call It Puppy Love…

In the current economic downturn is there really any need in dressing your dog in Juicy Couture hoodies or a designer jacket dripping with diamonds? Well yes apparently. Vivianne Westwood (tut tut, I had so much more respect for you)  Juicy Couture and jeweler Stephen Webster have all designed garments for the Harrods event Pet-a-Porter which had it’s sixth year of dog fashion in 2008. The industry is massive and I personally don’t really understand the desire to cover up a dogs natural coat with designer clobber however they can look hilarious. Stephen Webster’s dog collar came complete with Dali web cut 2-carat diamonds, a center stone of 2.23-carats and a total calculated weight around 14.46-carats along with an attached 24 carat gold bone…price £500,000.
stephen webster
he does kind of suit it though, I do feel slight guilt that I get amusement from these poor dogs.
If dogs have become a replacement for children then why not spoil them? Surely they deserve a good life considering the loyalty they give to their owners. There’s no need in worrying about the dog running off with the mutt next door and wishing you had drawn up that prenup because they have £50,000 worth of bling round their neck, maybe best call your insurance company and the RSPCA pronto.



These hoodies  just dont look right. Or comfortable. To be fare I am not a dog person, rather a cat person and learnt at a very young age that cats don’t like prams and bibs (sorry Buster) so I excepted that animals should be treated as animals, not little kids! The influential Dame Vivienne Westwood created this amazing “Spring Jacket” with UK jeweler Issa for your pooch which comes in at a reasonable £2500!

westwood dog

The RSPCA said they might start prosecuting owners who put animal welfare at risk, which I think is fare enough is the dog looks like the dogs below, but if it’s a small, short haired pup then why not put a wee jumper on it to keep it warm and cosy during the bitter winter months, or buy a bigger dog. However I still find the whole industry rather odd…

america's next top doggie

poor things, just look at their eyes…

Remember dogs aren’t just for Christmas, they’re for life.

Lady Lixa


It’s not only dogs that get special treatment, cats do too.


look how the sheba cat has spent all her well earned cash…



  1. Yeah, I don’t get it either…it’s an insult to the animal! I understand having to put an extra layer on small dogs in the cold, but this is truly ridiculous. It encourages people to think of their toy dogs as quite literally, toys.


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