Pete Hewitt Woodwork

If you haven’t heard there is a new woodworker extraordinaire in town! What’s his name I hear you cry?!!well it’s PETE HEWITT. He is also my beau, but don’t worry as I promise not to gush, I’m just spreading the word about his lovely designs.

Rose wood Vaneer High Back Chairs

Rosewood Veneer High Back Chairs by Pete Hewitt

Photographs by Alex Hewitt

Pete Hewitt makes and designs handmade furniture using Scottish hardwood as much as possible. His well thought out designs result in a clean, robust and functional piece of furniture. Having studied product design at Glasgow School of Art he has developed an understanding of design which is applied into his furniture. He was mentioned in this months issue of Home and Interiors Scotland magazine.

One of his recent commissions was a coffee table which was created by a brick laying technique, I don’t really know the technicalities of it but it looked like a lego build before it was sanded and smoothed off!! (this is one of my favorite designs!)

Olive Ash Table Olive Ash Pete Hewitt

Pete Hewitt Olive Ash Coffee Table                                                    Photos by Alex Hewitt

For those of you who can’t afford a coffee table he also makes smaller items such as chopping boards, boxes, lamps and childrens trikes which are very cute! He has also just made a kitchen which he is hoping to get online soon.

Lady Lixa


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