On my recent trip to Vancouver to see my mum and brother I did a lot of wondering around, visiting shops and generally absorbing the city. However, being back in the rather dreich city of Edinburgh has made me wish I could see the town through a fresh set of eyes. It is a beautiful city, it’s just so familiar. So I am setting myself a task to go to parts of the city I have never been and rekindle my enjoyment for the city again, whether its taking photos, discovering new shops or just aimlessly wondering around looking for something to grab me….easier said than done I think.

In the last few years a number of my favorite local shops have closed and hopefully that trend doesnt continue with the current economic climate. These included two of my favorite clothing shops that had been about since I was a teenager, Odd Ball Mall and Odd One Out. The Latter closed it’s clothing boutiques in Victoria Street a few months ago to concentrate on selling their independent label Oddities online. Vixy Rae designed the label Oddities using Susie Q’s illustrations of Scotland, wild life and urban scenes on the clothing and accessories. If you are in Glasgow they have opened a small concept store at the Ivy bar, I haven’t been through but i’m sure it’s well worth a look. Check out the website for clothing and their blog, I hope their site proves as succsessful as the shop was.



On the plus side an amazing shop called Goodstead has just relocated their store from Bread Street to the busier and more central location of Rose Street. I went to the shop yesterday and its amazing space, well worth a visit if you’re in Edinburgh. They also have an extensive online store with brands like Surface to Air, Sixpack France, Wood Wood and Gsus Sindustries to name a few. They also have an extensive collection of trainers with more brands on it’s way. Owners Graham Blakey and Ian Craigie have done a fantastic job with this stylish boutique in the heart of Edinburgh.

Goodstead Rose Street

Goodstead Rose Street

Lady Lixa


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