Month: March 2009

They Call It Puppy Love…

In the current economic downturn is there really any need in dressing your dog in Juicy Couture hoodies or a designer jacket dripping with diamonds? Well yes apparently. Vivianne Westwood (tut tut, I had so much more respect for you)  Juicy Couture and jeweler Stephen Webster have all designed garments for the Harrods event Pet-a-Porter which had it’s sixth year of dog fashion in 2008. The industry is massive and I personally don’t really understand the desire to cover up a dogs natural coat with designer clobber however they can look hilarious. Stephen Webster’s dog collar came complete with Dali web cut 2-carat diamonds, a center stone of 2.23-carats and a total calculated weight around 14.46-carats along with an attached 24 carat gold bone…price £500,000.
stephen webster
he does kind of suit it though, I do feel slight guilt that I get amusement from these poor dogs.
If dogs have become a replacement for children then why not spoil them? Surely they deserve a good life considering the loyalty they give to their owners. There’s no need in worrying about the dog running off with the mutt next door and wishing you had drawn up that prenup because they have £50,000 worth of bling round their neck, maybe best call your insurance company and the RSPCA pronto.



These hoodies  just dont look right. Or comfortable. To be fare I am not a dog person, rather a cat person and learnt at a very young age that cats don’t like prams and bibs (sorry Buster) so I excepted that animals should be treated as animals, not little kids! The influential Dame Vivienne Westwood created this amazing “Spring Jacket” with UK jeweler Issa for your pooch which comes in at a reasonable £2500!

westwood dog

The RSPCA said they might start prosecuting owners who put animal welfare at risk, which I think is fare enough is the dog looks like the dogs below, but if it’s a small, short haired pup then why not put a wee jumper on it to keep it warm and cosy during the bitter winter months, or buy a bigger dog. However I still find the whole industry rather odd…

america's next top doggie

poor things, just look at their eyes…

Remember dogs aren’t just for Christmas, they’re for life.

Lady Lixa


It’s not only dogs that get special treatment, cats do too.


look how the sheba cat has spent all her well earned cash…

Where the wild things are……..the movie!!

Yes, thats right, they are turning Maurice Sendak’s famous childrens picture book into a movie!!ahhhh!! I’m very excited!

Spike Jonze is directing the film about mischievous Max and his adventure to the land of the Wild Things!
ahhhhhhh, only about 7 months to wait.

Lady Lixa

I Heart Origami

Origami 折り紙 from oru meaning “folding”, and kami meaning “paper”

Last year my friend Clair moved into the flat for a while and she rekindled my love for origami. I sat making loads of flowers getting frustrated when it didn’t go my way, whilst Clair sat with a YouTube video of a step by step guide to make  far more complicated models like shells and pelicans, I know she too felt her own frustration at times. After making a ridiculous amount of flowers she showed me how to make bunnies and last night at my jewellery class I made a copper bunny which will be turned into a broach at some point soon.


Although its not a folded origami bunny I am looking to get copper and silver sheet to fold into actual origami figures.


Origami inspired forms and paper craft seems to be everywhere at the moment or maybe I’m just more aware of it. Last year chanel’s autum/ winter 2008 collection was presented on a massive carousel which was so playful and magical, I didnt think it could get any better than that. However, along came the 2009 spring/ summer collection….


chanel2chanel runway

In total 7000 hand made paper flowers were made to drape over the banisters, hung on pillars and table arrangements. It took 4800 hours of work to assemble these spectacular sculptures and 4000m2 of paper was needed…..Thats dedication! I would love to be part of their creative team, even making the structures would be a amazing, maybe only until maybe the 20th flower though! ohh my poor origami flowers look so pitiful now.

Here are a few other origami inspired things I have found about the net…


After last years earthquake in China that killed 69,000 people the Chinese government said they would build 1.5 million temporary housing. Ming Tang designed these shelters that are cheap, environment friendly and easy to produce. These beautiful geometric shelters would be made from recycled paper with bamboo frames so could be used in many different situations and assembled in a variety of different ways. I would love to have one, what a stylish wendy house!!


Table by Dutch designer Sander Mulder


Yasuhiro Yamashita was the architect behind this angular structure. I want to imagine that moomins of the 21st century live in this house!!

So there you go, a few examples of how Origami has influenced designers around the world and why its such a work of art.

Thankyou Clair.xx

Lady Lixa

Pete Hewitt Woodwork

If you haven’t heard there is a new woodworker extraordinaire in town! What’s his name I hear you cry?!!well it’s PETE HEWITT. He is also my beau, but don’t worry as I promise not to gush, I’m just spreading the word about his lovely designs.

Rose wood Vaneer High Back Chairs

Rosewood Veneer High Back Chairs by Pete Hewitt

Photographs by Alex Hewitt

Pete Hewitt makes and designs handmade furniture using Scottish hardwood as much as possible. His well thought out designs result in a clean, robust and functional piece of furniture. Having studied product design at Glasgow School of Art he has developed an understanding of design which is applied into his furniture. He was mentioned in this months issue of Home and Interiors Scotland magazine.

One of his recent commissions was a coffee table which was created by a brick laying technique, I don’t really know the technicalities of it but it looked like a lego build before it was sanded and smoothed off!! (this is one of my favorite designs!)

Olive Ash Table Olive Ash Pete Hewitt

Pete Hewitt Olive Ash Coffee Table                                                    Photos by Alex Hewitt

For those of you who can’t afford a coffee table he also makes smaller items such as chopping boards, boxes, lamps and childrens trikes which are very cute! He has also just made a kitchen which he is hoping to get online soon.

Lady Lixa


I have just dragged myself away from which is an online store where artists submit designs and illustrations to be printed onto t-shirts or made into prints. Then it’s put to a public vote to score the designs.Once scored, some of the designs are printed and sold through the online store at VERY resonable prices!! There are some incredible works of art on the site, one of which is by a guy called Balua based in Zurich. Here are a few of his illustrations!



The players hair reminds me of the crest of the waves in Hokusai’s woodblock print of The Great Wave off Kanagawa !!



The whale above was printed on a t-shirt on

Lady Lixa


On my recent trip to Vancouver to see my mum and brother I did a lot of wondering around, visiting shops and generally absorbing the city. However, being back in the rather dreich city of Edinburgh has made me wish I could see the town through a fresh set of eyes. It is a beautiful city, it’s just so familiar. So I am setting myself a task to go to parts of the city I have never been and rekindle my enjoyment for the city again, whether its taking photos, discovering new shops or just aimlessly wondering around looking for something to grab me….easier said than done I think.

In the last few years a number of my favorite local shops have closed and hopefully that trend doesnt continue with the current economic climate. These included two of my favorite clothing shops that had been about since I was a teenager, Odd Ball Mall and Odd One Out. The Latter closed it’s clothing boutiques in Victoria Street a few months ago to concentrate on selling their independent label Oddities online. Vixy Rae designed the label Oddities using Susie Q’s illustrations of Scotland, wild life and urban scenes on the clothing and accessories. If you are in Glasgow they have opened a small concept store at the Ivy bar, I haven’t been through but i’m sure it’s well worth a look. Check out the website for clothing and their blog, I hope their site proves as succsessful as the shop was.



On the plus side an amazing shop called Goodstead has just relocated their store from Bread Street to the busier and more central location of Rose Street. I went to the shop yesterday and its amazing space, well worth a visit if you’re in Edinburgh. They also have an extensive online store with brands like Surface to Air, Sixpack France, Wood Wood and Gsus Sindustries to name a few. They also have an extensive collection of trainers with more brands on it’s way. Owners Graham Blakey and Ian Craigie have done a fantastic job with this stylish boutique in the heart of Edinburgh.

Goodstead Rose Street

Goodstead Rose Street

Lady Lixa